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Land Rover Classic Range Rovers Get Electric Car Conversion

Added: 14 January 2021

Now,  more than ever, people want sustainability and an environmentally-friendly effort when it comes to their vehicles. That includes even classic models that haven’t always been known for being “eco-friendly”.

Thankfully, Lunaz recently debuted their re-engineered classic Range Rover, featuring an electric powertrain for both Range Rover and electric car enthusiasts.

Because Lunaz is a restoration company, they were able to do this on cars donated between 1970-1994.

The Restored Conversion Difference

What’s so unique about this project is its ability to show that the sky is truly the limit for electric vehicles. So many new models today (and those yet to be released) are focusing on the latest and greatest technology to work as electric vehicles.

Lunaz has taken the core of that technology and applied it to a vehicle many people already know and love. It’s a way to bring the past into the present and provide comfort and nostalgia along with sustainability efforts.

This isn’t the first time Lunaz has re-engineered a classic. They have previously created electric conversion packages for the 1953 Jaguar XK120 and the 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom V.

What’s the Difference?

Lunaz certainly doesn’t cut corners when it comes to these restorations. Each Range Rover is completely stripped for restoration before the company installs the new electric gear inside. There are some changes that are obvious, like the electric charging socket that replaces the traditional fuel filler cap.

Some of the changes are more subtle until you actually sink into the vehicle. For example, the interface has been modified slightly to display information about the battery and your charge levels.

Owners can choose from either “Town” or “Country” versions of the restorations. The Town models are designed for those looking for a bit of luxury from their vehicle, with a bar included in the rear area for anyone who wants to play the role of James Bond.

The Country version is meant for those who are looking for a bit more adventure with their Range Rover. It’s been upgraded with improved suspension, better brakes, and a four-wheel-drive system that will allow you to take the car off-roading.

Bringing the Past to the Present

Lunaz has paid great attention to detail when it comes to keeping the integrity of these Range Rover models. Of course, you can’t do a complete restoration without including a few modern amenities.

That includes everything from WiFi, satellite navigation, a new stereo, and a modern air conditioning setup. All of these modern features have been designed to fit in with the look and feel of the traditional Range Rover, so nothing looks awkward or stands out in an offensive way.

While performance figures haven’t come out yet, Lunaz estimates that the average charge will provide 250 miles, so you can feel confident in the company’s unique design an in-house battery/electric motors. If you, or someone you know, is a Range Rover enthusiast with a heart for sustainability, getting your hands on one of these restorations could truly be a dream come true!

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