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Jaguar Land Rover introduce noise-cancelling technology

Added: 16 November 2020

An exciting announcement from Jaguar Land Rover aims to tackle the fatigue that drivers can face due to road noise. You can see this incredible technology in use on the Range Rover Velar, XF, and F-Pace.

This technology has been developed by an Israeli noise-cancelling specialist, Silentium. Called the Active Acoustic system uses smart sensors on each wheel. These sensors monitor the vibrations and will produce a sound through the vehicles Meridan sound system of the exact same frequency. The outcome is the removal of unwanted noise.

Silentium's patented Active Acoustic Technologies and algorithms are designed to control personal sound spaces and remove unwanted.

Jaguar Land Rover has stated that this is going to allow those uncomfortable noises like rough surfaces, potholes, and more. It does this by isolating and removing the noise peaks by 10bB and overall noise levels by 3-4dB.

When on longer journeys, these noises can be associated with driver fatigue. By reducing the exposure to constant low-frequency noises, the effects of fatigue are reduced too.

They report that tired motorists react on average 16% slower to hazards or other unexpected events than an alert driver.

The Active Noise Cancellation combines with the Engine Noise Cancellation puts the new Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Velar at the forefront of car manufacturers that are taking the wellbeing of drivers and passenger to a new level. The refinements adhere to the standards of the high-quality vehicles that Jaguar Land Rover is known for.

The no-compromise solution retains the vehicle weight, driving dynamics, and luxury that Jaguar Land Rover drivers expect.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Destination Zero strategy aims to have a future of zero emissions, zero congestions, and zero congestion. The Active Acoustic system is part of that strategy.

The system is able to adjust the levels and position of the sounds that get played within the cabin. The adjustment is made based on the number of passengers and the position in the vehicle. The number of passengers is tracked using seatbelt sensors.

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What are the benefits of noise-cancelling technology?

Noise cancellation technology is usually found on high-quality headphones. And they work in the same way. Noise-cancelling technology reduces ear fatigue that is associated with long periods of noise.

Iain Suffield, Jaguar Land Rover Refinement Advanced Technologies Specialist, said: “We are committed to creating a haven for our customers, and this new technology allows us to remove unwanted noises from the cabin.”

“It makes the experience more tranquil, improving passenger wellbeing and helping to reduce cognitive load and thus reaction times. This research is all part of the journey to Destination Zero.”

A driver and their passengers will enjoy a more serene travelling experience, and the driver, in particular, will benefit from being less tired while driving. Driver fatigue can be caused by extended exposure to low-frequency sounds.

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