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Latest glimpse of the 2022 Range Rover Sport

Added: 08 June 2020

The new Range Rover is currently undergoing development and is expected to launch in 2022. However, it’s just been photographed, and we’ve seen the latest glimpse of the product. The Range Rover will be going up against other vehicles such as the Mercedes GLS and the BMW X7, giving it some big shoes to fill, but if the first shots that we’ve seen are any indication, then it could certainly do it.

The First Look

At first glance, we see that the boxy proportions of the current model are still around, as well as the flat bonnet. But, as there has been so much camouflage used on the nose and flank ends of the car, it’s difficult to see if there is going to be any change to the current style. Even though that’s the case, it’s expected that there will be a sleeker look for the headlights and tail lights compared to the current version. 


We’re expecting that there will be a generous, spacious layout inside the vehicle, offering luxurious accommodation for up to four adults, just the same as with the previous models. It wouldn’t make sense for the new Range Rover to no longer have one of the most loved aspects of the car, so the interior should remain as large as ever.

It’s also possible that based on the long-wheelbase that buyers will be given the choice of a different seating pack, which will add two larger rear seats. This allows for more adjustable within the vehicle, and we certainly expect this to be an option, if not straight away, some point in the near future.


The technical details have still not been confirmed for the new Range Rover, but for sure, electrification will be important for this vehicle. This will be one of only three cars to utilise Land Rover’s MLA platform, which can support an electric twin-motor setup. However, this isn’t expected to be offered at the launch because it is very powerful, so this is something you’ll have to wait a little longer for if you’re interested. 

While looking to strengthen their electrified powerful cars, Land Rover is going to have mild and plug-in hybrid units are going to be offered.


The 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system is most likely going to be included in the new Range Rover. This is being used in the new Land Rover Defender, which uses powerful processors and Blackberry operating system. This allows the infotainment system to provide entertainment options such as music streaming and over-the-air updates. It does all this without any noticeable loss in performance, which is very impressive. As such, if you’re thinking ahead to this car, and you enjoy the tech options that some cars offer, this could be an excellent choice.

Even though we’ve only seen a glimpse, the new Range Rover looks promising, and the 2022 launch date can’t come soon enough. Keep your eye on more information for this vehicle as there are sure to be more announcements soon.

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