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Range Rover Velar to get plug-in hybrid engine

Added: 14 October 2020

Range Rover Velar driving on the road

Fall season means many car manufactures are bringing in the new year with new models and Range Rover is one of them. Just in time for the holiday season, the Range Rover Velar now comes with the option of a new plug-in hybrid powertrain. This is its first ever. Their prices start at £46,110 and can be ordered starting now.

The new Velar P400e plug-in hybrid has a 2 litre engine paired with an electric motor. This helps to create a power output of 398bhp. You can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in 5.4 seconds. You will get a pure-electric range of up to 33 miles along with being about to get 130 miles per gallon. You do not have to worry about your carbon footprint when you ride this car because the CO2 emissions only come to 49 g/km.

When you think of a hybrid engine, you are probably assuming that it takes a long time for it to charge, but it is quite the contrary for the new Velar. It comes with a 17.1kWh battery and it takes two hours or less to charge fully as long as you are using a 7kW home wallbox. If you have a fast charger, you are able to get your batter to at least 80 percent while only being on the charger for 30 minutes.

In addition to new technology, you can also expect to find some updates in the interior of the Rover. The new Velar now features two screens mounted in the centre console. One screen is used for media and hooking up to your GPS system while the other is used for controlling the air conditioning and heating functions. You can also connect two phones to your car at the same time, a feature that is available for the first time. If you use Spotify as your music streaming service, then you are in luck. The new Velar utilizes Spotify as well. When it comes time for a software updated, you do not have to worry about taking it to the dealership. All software updates are done wirelessly.

range rover velar interior

Riding in your new Range Rover Velar will sound like being in a noise-cancelling soundbooth. Its newest feature, the active road noise cancellation, helps to cancel out the noise you hear inside the car while riding along the street or highway. It is known that the sound level is reduced to a minimum of four decibels, with the ability to adjust based on the number of passengers in the car.

You also do not have to stress out about breaking in some of the toxic city air. The new ride also features a cabin air filtration system which gets rid of all the bad and polluted air. One other feature to note is the Activity Key, enabling you to have access to your car even without the key. The new Range Rover Velar is a great buy. Head to your official local dealer to test drive yours today.

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