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Petrol vs Diesel

You may have your heart set on a new or Approved Used Land Rover, and you probably know about the range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines available, but which is the right one for you? The choice of engines allows you to match your lifestyle and the types of journeys you most regularly undertake with the engine that’s best for you.


What kind of driver are you?

Inner-city - If you use your Land Rover for short journeys within a city, such as for the school run or for shopping, then a petrol engine would be a suitable choice. You rarely drive on motorways, and do minimal mileage, mainly in built-up areas.

Town & country - For those living outside the city, but regularly commuting by motorway, a diesel engine would be suitable for consideration.

Pleasure drive - If you love the thrill and drive mainly for pleasure on country roads, and rarely in urban environments, then either a diesel or petrol would suit you.


Or have you considered an electric vehicle (EV)?

If you’d rather do your bit for the environment we can help you understand the benefits of owning and driving an electric vehicle.

Click here to read about what it’s like being an EV owner.

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